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A Chemical Ecommerce Store
The Project

Chemtech is a chemical supplier that was looking for an ecommerce store to sell their products online. I was the sole designer on this project and was responsible for taking it from concept to a working platform. 

Duration: 7 months

Method: Discovery meeting, Research, Prototyping, Photography, Hosting, Design, User testing, and Analytics

Tools: Adobe XD, Microsoft Excel, Wix, Google My Business, Google Analytics 

Starting Point

The client was in the Oil & Gas industry for 30 years and was dependent on that industry to survive. They started selling their product online via eBay and were starting to get traction on a new customer base. They weren't satisfied with the cost associated with eBay and wanted to reduce the money being paid to commissions. Removing the 10-12% they were paying per sale would keep their pricing lower than their competitors and not affect their margin of profitability. 

Screen Shots and Content Development

Main Features: Find it on Google and make it mobile friendly!

The Process
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Challenges and Learning Experiences 

Hosting the site and being able to build what I had already designed was a challenge. I decided to use because it had the best reviews for the editor

In the discovery meeting I let the customer kind of run off the page with expectations with no answers because I did not know what was possible yet. In my follow up meetings I was able to control the interaction much better. 

Maintaining the documents was critical in keeping the products list organized. The customer kept making changes which created more work for me in the end. 

Planning up front was a little lack on this project because I was so new to the process. I learned the hard way to make the plan as detailed as possible in the beginning, AND document it. 

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