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A New way to order bulk meats
The Project

This project is still being completed, so there is only partial information available at this time. 

FCS is a butcher shop that offers custom orders and meat processing as a service to livestock owners as well as the general public. 

Duration: Estimated 6 months

Method: Discovery meeting, Research, Prototyping, Photography, Videography, Hosting, Design, User testing, and Analytics

Tools: Adobe XD, Microsoft Excel, Wix, Google My Business, Google Analytics 

Starting Point

The client has a Facebook page but does not have a website. They would like to start booking orders through a website to begin transitioning their customer base from an analog system to a more modern way of ordering. They also want a more up-to-date way of educating their customers as well as potential new customers about their business, industry, and ordering process.

Screen Shots and Content Development

Main Features: Inform the customers, and let them order online

The Process
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Challenges and Learning Experiences 

Though I am still building this website there has been a few challenges to overcome up to this point. 

There was a request to have a customized order forms for returning customers that know the ordering process. This involved learning to create and design a fillable form in Adobe Acrobat. 

The customer requested a video on the home page to capture the farm feel and to end with a bull transforming into the FCS logo. I priced out the stock footage and found it way outside the customers budget. I will shoot the footage myself once the weather breaks in the spring and the leaves begin to grow. I invested in a drone to be able to get the shots I need. I am now learning Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro to develop promotional videos 

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