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UX Case Study - Bookings and Education

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The Project

This project is still being completed, so there is only partial information available at this time. 

FCS is a butcher shop that offers custom orders and meat processing as a service to livestock owners as well as the general public. 

Duration: Estimated 6 months

Method: Discovery meeting, Research, Prototyping, Photography, Videography, Hosting, Design, User testing, and Analytics

Tools: Adobe XD, Microsoft Excel, Wix, Google My Business, Google Analytics 

Starting Point

The client has a Facebook page but does not have a website. They would like to start booking orders through a website to begin transitioning their customer base from an analog system to a more modern way of ordering. They also want a more up-to-date way of educating their customers as well as potential new customers about their business, industry, and ordering process. 

The Process
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I met with Matt Field the General Manager and his wife Ashlyn who also works in the business. This project is beginning from the ground up and starts on a good note that they have a large Facebook following and they are already top result in a Google search for local butcher shops. They want the website to primarily educate younger customers and to schedule bookings for orders. We discussed obstacles to over come due to government regulations as well as their local competitors. I did not meet with the owner as he is not interested in being apart of the decision making on the website. 

Project Briefing Form
FCS - Briefing Page.jpg
FCS - Briefing Page.jpg

I looked up each competitor they gave me, and  went through website, and purchasing process if it was available. Purchasing was not a regular thing as well as having an up to date website. The competition that have sites are almost useless and vague, Facebook is the primary way they communicate. Being there are no others really doing this is a big opportunity if done correctly. 

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I compiled what I researched, what Ray and I had discussed, and added my own experience of online shopping into the mix and began to develop the fit, form, and function of this project. 

Organization is the key to long term success. I created two documents to assist in keeping everything organized.  An excel sheet called "Product List and Description"  and a word document called "Action Items List". These documents would be the tools that would be updated regularly as we built the website to keep us on target and avoid confusion. 

Action Item List
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I went a little more into detail for this wire frame because I wanted to give the customer a vision for the future. Personally knowing the customer all my life I know seeing is believing with them. 

Landing Page
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Wire Frame Layout

My extra work on the wire frame paid off. They were thrilled about the look and feel of the site so far.  In the wire frame discussion meeting we went over how I envisioned the ordering process and bounced that off them and after some more details we were able to understand what was the correct route to move forward with. 

FCS Action Shot Wire Frame Meeting 1.jpg

The layout and prototype was approved for high fidelity mock up and build.  The action items list was updated prior to ending the meeting and then distributed to the group so we know what we need and when. 


This is where the project stands for the time being. More will be available on this as the project continues. 

Items To Be Completed
Catalog Page
Landing Page


Mobile View
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Testing Confirmations
In Store Payment
In Store Pickup
PayPal Pay and Ship
Follow Up Review Email
Challenges and Learning Experiences 

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